The Catholic Christian Lifestyle

Catholic Christianity is the only lifestyle worth living, both now and for all eternity.  Prayerfully consider the following blueprint for growing in personal holiness and missionary discipleship in everyday life as Catholic Christian believers.

Followers of Jesus Christ are Orthodox Catholic Christians. These three beautiful terms define who we are as followers of Jesus Christ. Orthodoxy means “right worship.” When we worship the right God, the true God who was revealed to us in Jesus Christ, we also have the “right belief” which clarifies our relationship with Christ. When we are Catholic, our faith is built upon the rock solid foundation of both Scripture and Tradition. When we identify ourselves as Christians, we affirm that Jesus Christ is the God of our lives. Jesus is our way, our truth, and out life! We warmly invite you to let him be your God too!

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The Catholic Christian lifestyle is based on the following three traditional religious principles.
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Unwavering Christocentrism
Keep your eyes always fixed on Jesus!

Affirmative Orthodoxy
Emphasize the true, the good, and the beautiful!

Sacramental Spirituality
Celebrate salvation through the sacraments!

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Saint Dennis Church is looking upward in faith, moving forward in hope, and leading onward in love to new life in Christ. As a faith community of prayer, learning, and service, we invite you to join us as intentional disciples of Christ. For more information, please check out the many spiritual resources provided at the website. Together, let us embrace faithful Catholic Christian lifestyles for the new apostolic age of church history.

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