The Holy Eucharist is our best source for benefiting the most from the national Eucharistic Revival that is taking place throughout our country.

The Holy Eucharist is explained and applied to our lives very well in this special Eucharistic section of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

The Mystery of the Eucharist in the Life of the Church, from the American Bishops, teaches us how to receive the Eucharist worthily and well.

The Veil Removed is a short video that helps us experience what really happens when we devoutly celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Our overall Spiritual Vision is that we are on the forefront of a new Apostolic Age of the Church, that is, on a mission from Christ as Catholic Christian believers. Our sacred mission means living and loving our holy Faith so fully that we draw many people of good will to convert to Christ as their God as well. Through prayer, learning, and service as parish communities of faith, we become the change that Christ wants to make throughout the whole world. Our overall Spiritual Strategy involves Unwavering Christocentrism, Affirmative Orthodoxy, and Sacramental Spirituality. The ChristLife course helps us transform these principles into life-changing realities.

Spiritual Renewal is not just for Lent anymore. It is at the core of our Christian life. If repentance is a real turning point in our lives, then penance keeps us on track throughout our lives with necessary midcourse corrections. Our Lenten Observances can help us appreciate more deeply our need for ongoing conversion in life. Meditating on the Stations of the Cross are also very helpful to us in our spiritual progress in life as well. As forgiven sinners, we recognize that the solution to all of our problems is not another well-intentioned program but rather a person, Jesus Christ our Savior and our Lord!

We are looking upward in faith, moving forward in hope, and leading onward in love, to new life in Christ!
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