Decorations for Easter 2024

Easter Flowers. Thank you for your donations for Easter flowers. As in the past, these funds will be used for all of our Easter decorations. Any excess funds will go to the Easter collection, as always. Thank you for your special generosity in this regard.

Volunteers Needed. This year, volunteers are needed to help put out our Easter decorations on Holy Saturday. Please contact the parish office to volunteer for decorating the church on Holy Saturday for Easter Sunday this year. Thank you!

On Holy Saturday, we need two teams of volunteers. The first team decorates the church during the day. The second team helps with the candles at the Easter Vigil. Please contact the parish office to volunteer for one or both of these Holy Saturday volunteer activities. Thank you!

In the church, arrangements of flowers will be placed on both sides of the altar, and palms on both sides of the tabernacle. Flowers will be placed in front of the statute of Mary, and in front of the pulpit. There will be floral arrangements on the church windowsills as well.

In the narthex, the Risen Christ statue will be placed in the fountain area, surrounded by palms and other floral arrangements. In the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, the Risen Christ Icon will be displayed with floral arrangements by the chapel tabernacle as well. 

At the Easter Vigil, in order to provide candles for the congregation, we need a team of volunteers to help pass them out before the Easter Vigil, and to clean up the church after the Easter Vigil is over. If we have the volunteers, we will have the congregational candles. Please contact the parish office to volunteer for the church decorating during the day and the Easter Vigil candles at night. Thank you!

On Mother’s Day, which falls on one of the Sundays of Easter, May Crowning will precede each of the weekend Masses. For information, please here.

Lenten Schedule

For our Ash Wednesday and Lenten observances, please click here. For information about our parish Lenten Mission, please click here.

Easter Schedule

For our Holy Week and Easter schedule, please click here. For information about May Crowning on Mother’s Day weekend, please click here.

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