Vespers for the Eucharistic Revival

Vespers, the official Evening Prayer of the Church, will be part of our parish celebration of the Eucharistic Revival. On the first Saturday of each month, after the 4:30 p.m. Vigil Mass, there will be a time for Eucharist Exposition and Adoration, concluding with the liturgical celebration of Vespers.

Besides the Liturgy of the Mass and the Sacraments, there is also the Liturgy of the Hours, often called the Divine Office or the Breviary. Here is an outline for Vespers, followed by the complete prayer services of the Liturgy of the Hours, required for priests, but recommended for everyone.

The Liturgy of Vespers

Introduction and Hymn
Three Psalms or Canticles
Reading and Response
Gospel Canticle and Petitions
Lord’s Prayer and Closing Prayers

The Daily Liturgy of the Hours

Matins / Office of Readings – before dawn
Lauds / Morning Prayer – at dawn
Mid-Day Prayer – around noontime
Vespers / Evening Prayer – at sunset
Compline / Night Prayer – after sunset

Please go to for access to an online version of the Liturgy of the Hours for each day.
Please go to for more information about the Eucharistic Revival.
Devotional prayers throughout the day, such as the Rosary, are of great spiritual benefit too!

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