Continuing Religious Education

Religious Education does not end with Confirmation – it really only begins then! Following up on our parish faith formation programs for children, Continuing Religious Education is for parishioners in all age groups. Please click here to review the information about faith formation programs for children at our parish.

Welcome to Continuing Religious Education at our parish! Here are some of the digital and in-person programs which are being offered at our parish. Please contact our parish office for more information or to register for these Continuing Religious Education programs for adults at Saint Dennis Church.

The Didache Series:
Introduction to Catholicism, Understanding the Scriptures, the History of the Church, and our Moral Life in Christ. These online courses are ideal for those who have not had religious education since Confirmation. It is suitable for high school students and graduates.

The Foundation Series:
the Creed, Liturgy and Sacraments, Life in Christ, and Prayer and Spirituality. These online courses are ideal for college level students and beyond who want to go deeper in faith. It is also suitable for Converts and for Catholics who are returning to the practice of their Faith.

The ChristLife Course:
Discovering Christ, Following Christ, and Sharing Christ. This foundational adult formation program is currently available online at It is also suitable for all adults who are seeking to deepen their personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Other Faith Formation Programs.
Our parish also sponsors Bible Study groups and Cursillo prayer groups. We also promote diocesan programs for youth, young adults, and adults as well. Please contact our parish office to find out more about Continuing Religious Education at our church.

Once again, please click here to contact the parish office for information about these Continuing Religious Education programs at our church.
Additional adult formation and CRE programs are provided at the parish, or are promoted for elsewhere, as opportunities become available.

For more information about adult formation programs at our parish, please click here, or contact the parish office.
Together, let us participate in the Great Spiritual Reset of our parish community in a new Apostolic Age of the Church!

Saint Dennis Church is looking upward in faith, moving forward in hope, and leading onward in love to new life in Christ. As a faith community of prayer, learning, and service, we invite you to join us as intentional disciples of Christ. For more information, please check out the spiritual resources provided at this website. Together, let us embrace faithful Catholic Christian lifestyles for the new apostolic age of church history.

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