Charismatic Prayer Group

A Catholic Charismatic Prayer Group is in formation at our parish, as coordinated by the pastor, for charismatic prayer meetings, healing ministries, Life in the Spirit seminars, and traditional spiritual teachings – all within the context of the Roman Catholic faith tradition.

The Encounter School of Ministry campus, located at Saint Frances of Rome Church in Cicero, provides a resource for training and spiritual development for the parish Catholic Charismatic Prayer Group, in accord with traditional Roman Catholic teachings.

Although the parish Catholic Charismatic Prayer Group will not be involved in our regularly scheduled weekend and Holy Day Masses at Saint Dennis Catholic Church, all of our parishioners are welcome to attend to their weekday charismatic prayer gatherings.

Parishioners will be invited to attend the weekday Catholic Charismatic Prayer Group meetings, which will be published in the parish bulletin and on the website. Visitors from other parishes are always welcome to participate in these prayer group gatherings as well.

There may be occasional Catholic Charismatic Prayer Group Masses at Saint Dennis Church, scheduled by the pastor, at times which are separate from the regular parish Mass schedule, and celebrated by a priest who is approved by the pastor.

The leaders of the parish Catholic Charismatic Prayer Group are chosen from among the parishioners of Saint Dennis Catholic Church, as selected by the charismatic prayer group members, and with the approval of the pastor. For more information, please contact the pastor.

For more information about the Charismatic Movement in the Roman Catholic Church, please check out and Also, please go to,, and Charis.International/en. May the blessings of the Lord be upon you always!

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