Mass Intentions

Thank you for your prayer requests! The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered for all of our Mass Intentions, whether they are public, special, or personal. This means that our prayer requests at Mass are unlimited in number and are of equal infinite value. So, in answer to the question, “For whom is this Mass being offered?”, the answer is “Every Mass everywhere is always offered for everybody.” We also have an online prayer list to which you may subscribe through the parish office as well. Finally, please click here for our parish Mass and Confession schedule, or go to for Masses at other Catholic parishes.

Public Mass Intentions

There may be one public Mass Intention for each Mass. It is published in the bulletin and it is also announced at Mass. The names of the donors are published in the book by the Blessed Sacrament Chapel. Please contact the parish office during the week to arrange for public Mass Intentions, according to their availability at our church.

Special Mass Intentions

There may be an unlimited number of special Mass Intentions for every Mass. You may write your prayer request in the book by the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, or the parish office can do this for you. Although not published in the bulletin or announced at Mass, God hears all of our prayers, and the priest checks this book each day.

Personal Mass Intentions

Symbolically place your prayer requests on the paten with the hosts, and symbolically pour your tears of joy and sorrow into the chalice with the wine and the water. As the priest says at the Offertory, “may my sacrifice and yours be acceptable to God the Father almighty.” Keep your intention in mind as you receive Communion.

For a special insight into the power of prayer during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, please watch the video at The Veil Removed. Also, please go to the Eucharistic Revival website for more information, and come to our Blessed Sacrament Chapel before and after you attend the Holy Mass at our church. Finally, please click here for our parish Eucharistic Revival page. May God answer all of your prayers! Thank you for coming to pray with us at Mass in our church!

Vigil Lights for our Chapel. Lighting a candle for a Special Intention is also a traditional religious practice. As part of the Eucharistic Revival in our country, we would like to install vigil lights in our Blessed Sacrament Chapel. If you would like to make a donation toward this special project, please contact the parish office. Thank you!

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