Bereavement Ministry

Trained parishioners help coordinate Funeral Masses at our church, and sometimes help the pastor plan the liturgies with the families. They also host an annual Memorial Mass on All Saints or All Souls days each year. Recommendations for grief counselling and bereavement support groups are also available to our parish families who have lost a loved one. A Month’s Mind Mass Intention is usually planned about a month after the death of a loved one. A special Anniversary Mass Intention is usually scheduled at the same time as well. Other Mass Intentions are scheduled according to availability on our parish calendar of prayer requests. Our book of Special Intentions for other memorial commemorations is located by the entrance to our Blessed Sacrament Chapel.

At the annual Memorial Mass, votive lights and name cards are placed on a special table where the coffin or urn is usually situated during a Funeral Mass. The names of all those who were buried from our church in the last year are also announced at this annual Mass as well. The next Memorial Mass is at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 1, 2023, which will be a Solemn High Mass with Incense and Holy Communion under both species this year.

For information about funerals at our parish, please go to Saint As you will learn from this part of our parish website, funerals are especially entrusted to pastors ( as part of their official priestly duties. Also, in accord with the teachings of the Church, a funeral is for the person who has died, rather than being about the person who has died. Therefore, there are no eulogies in church. Instead, the wake and the funeral luncheon are places for a “celebration of life,” whereas the church is the place for a “celebration of eternal life” in Jesus Christ. Please click on the links listed above to learn more about Catholic Funeral Liturgies at our parish, especially as we celebrate the Eucharistic Revival in our country.

Bereavement Support. Our local funeral homes have recommendations about bereavement support groups in our area. Please click here for a Catholic website, hosted by the Augustine Institute, for your consolation as well. “Eternal Rest – the Art of Dying Well” not only provides comfort to those who are dying, but also guidance for those who have lost loved ones.

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