Youth Ministry Programs

The youth of our parish are not only the church of the future, they are also an important part of our church today. Just as we have parish organizations for women, men, seniors, families, and young adults at our church, all of us can benefit from having youth organizations in our parish community as well. In addition to a high school youth ministry program, there is a separate junior high youth ministry program as well. Both youth ministry organizations are led by adult moderators, along with officers selected from among the youth members themselves. The four spiritual pillars for youth ministry in our parish community are prayer, fellowship, service, and leaning. All of us, of every age, could benefit from more prayer, fellowship, service, and learning as well.


In addition to group attendance at various Sunday Masses, other prayer experiences are offered throughout the year, as planned by our youth.

Examples: serving in liturgical roles at Mass, attending diocesan and national spiritual conferences that are designed for youth groups.


Social events are an important part of forging good Christian friendships among our parish youth, as well as providing time for wholesome fun.

Examples: participating in diocesan and inter-parish events, field trips, and other social excursions planned by the youth group participants.


Involvement in parish life, especially with our charitable endeavors, helps our youth to be of service to others, both within and beyond our parish.

Examples: helping out with monthly hospitality Sundays, assisting with parish charitable drives, youth work camps, and other service activities.


Especially after receiving the holy sacrament of Confirmation, various inspirational learning experiences are also provided throughout the year.

Examples: assisting with the annual confirmation retreat, and attending special youth-centered presentations about our Catholic Christian faith.

High School Youth Ministry

Please contact the youth ministry office at
[email protected]
for information about high school ministry.

Junior High Youth Ministry

Please contact the youth ministry office at
[email protected]
for information about junior high ministry.

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